Enter the Night Wildlife in Night Safari Singapore

If you miss out Night Safari Singapore during your visit to Singapore, you will regret your decision. Spending a night in Singapore will never be boring. Hundreds or thousands of attractions are ready to make your night in the lion city to be more unforgettable. But, let’s just forget about the exciting nightclubs or fancy mall. What if you can turn one night in Singapore to be a different night that you will experience once in a lifetime? Just say yes, and set your destination head to Night Safari Singapore. An anti-mainstream zoo that will introduce you the nocturnal wildlife!

When you hear this name, you will know that you will be able to visit the zoo after the sun sets. Besides the unique opening hours, the animal collection is unlike any other zoo. You will not see the mainstream animals, but you can still spot a few of them. Most animals in Night Safari Singapore are the nocturnal animals. So, you will spectate many kinds of animal with different and strange looks. FYI, the Night Safari Singapore has been running since 1994 and won 13 awards as Best Attraction awarded by Singapore Tourism Board. Plus, 1.3 million visitors come to this 35-hectares-place every year!

Still have no idea about the nocturnal animals? Here they are. Night Safari Singapore is a home of 900 animals. The animals are Malayan tigers, red dholes, markhors, bantengs, fishing cats, binturong, slow loris, anoas, and more. About 41% of 900 animals are included as the threatened species. Since you have to see many kinds of animals in a 35-hectares-zoo, you need a vehicle to ride. You can take a tram ride for about 40-minutes-trip and the whole zoo can be discovered without getting tired of walking. Plus, you can enjoy a fancy supper on the tram!

After discovering the nocturnal wildlife there, your night in Night Safari Singapore is not over yet. There are two spectacular shows that you should not miss: Creatures of The Night Show, and Thumbuakar Show. Creatures of the Night will make you amaze with the performances of talented animals. You can see civets, otters, or binturongs show off their talents in the show. While in Thumbuakar Show, you should be ready for the thrilling fiery show that will light up your night! Make sure you don’t blink when the pyro performers twirl the fire as the beat of drums rhythm getting more intense. Don’t forget to purchase the Night Safari Singapore admission ticket on BeFree Tour website before you experience those magnificent things! (HN)

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