Bali Lovina and Menjangan Snorkeling Tour for Sea Enthusiasts


Bali Lovina and Menjangan Snorkeling Tour is designed for those who want to have a bit unique sensation of a tour. Exploring the whole island of Bali will make you always find new things. If you wish to have more than just a beach, therefore you need to join in the tour. Snorkeling Menjangan and visiting the famous beach of Lovina have been the most popular attraction that draws millions of tourists to come. Based on some reviews, this kind of tour will provide you with something that you don’t see every day in a hustle bustle life. However, an extra effort is needed if you are not a morning person. But, it will be totally worth it for sure!

The tour begins in the super early morning before the sunrise. You have to wake up and meet the driver at the lobby at 3 AM. So, make sure you set up the alarm and do not oversleep. Then, the first destination is Lovina Beach. If you ask about one thing that is very popular from the beach, the answer is the dolphins! Yes, you heard it right. Spectating the dolphins in the early morning at Lovina Beach has been a well-known activity among the travelers. You could meet and see the dolphins jumping out of the sea and splashing some waters to your face.


After having a wonderful time at Lovina Beach, the next destination is Menjangan Island. No need to worry about how to get to Menjangan Island. If you book the tour on Wandernesia, a boat to Menjangan Island will be provided to make the trip more enjoyable. When you arrived at Menjangan island, set up your equipment as soon as possible because the sea is waiting for you. Right after you jump into the water, you definitely feel like entering the new realm that you have never seen before.

The blue waters, colorful corals, and tons of exotic beach will meet you under the waves. Open your eyes widely and feast your visual with the adorable view of rich marine life at Menjangan. Feeling hungry? Calm down! The tour also includes the mouthwatering lunch to make you feel back with the new energy. Wandernesia believes that to have a great adventure therefore needs an enough power to do that, and that power comes from food. So, are you ready to start your unforgettable tour at Lovina Beach and Menjangan Island with Wandernesia? (HN)

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